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Supermarket store Gondola Shelf.

Gondola/double side shelving you can also provide a nice pleasing appearance with the aisle side unit, which is an ideal solution for efficient use of your supermarket space. The aisle side units used for product diagnosis are generally preferred by grocery stores, shoes, hardware shops. 


  • Color: White and upon bulk orders customized colors available.  
  • Surface finishing: Plastic powder coated. Protection against the tide and sun.
  • Available Height: 185Cm, 210Cm, and 225Cm. and the standard height used on the shelves is 185Cm. The height can depend on the areas to be installed and this measure may vary with customer requests.
  • Available shelf: Depth: 30Cm, 40Cm, and 50Cm.
  • The supermarket shelving, gondola unit usually comes with base, upright, top shelf, back panel, brackets, price tag, and strip labels.
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